Ohio River - Meldahl Dam - Longnose Gar & Freshwater Drum

Longnose Gar - Meldahl Dam - Ohio River
The drive out to Meldahl was worth it.  We chalked up two personal bests this trip.  This was the last of the three fish we caught, but also the most exciting.  Had been wanting to drive out to Meldahl for awhile.  We chose to fish from the beach instead of from the pier which is closer to the dam.  I'm guessing if we had fished closer to the dam we might have had more of a chance for striper or hybrids.

New personal best longnose gar.

Freshwater Drum - Meldahl Dam - Ohio River
New personal best Freshwater Drum.  All of these were caught on 4" gizzard shad that we caught in the casting net in the Little Miami at Armleder.

Another nice Freshwater Drum.